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1. On your Safaricom phone go to the M-PESA menu,
2. Select Lipa Na M-PESA and then select BUY GOODS AND SERVICES,
3. Then enter TILL NUMBER: 5870505


4. Enter the amount Either 250/- , 400/- , 1000/- , 2000/- or 4000/- then follow subsequent prompts to complete the transaction.
5. You will receive 2 confirmation messages of the transaction: One from Safaricom confirming payment and another one with the matches instantly.
6. You will receive the matches directly to your phone through SMS immediately after making payment .
7.Call: 0798319515 or Email: info@cheerplex.com for clarifications.

We will CONTINUE PROTECTING YOUR DATA EVEN MORE. Your data is fully protected .We contact a frequent system check up with the service provider to check any unauthorised system entry on their side with intentions of taking photos or making downloads or any other suspicious activities. Be confident ,we value your privacy.

1. After removing those names from our website we are now PROTECTING YOUR DATA EVEN MORE. "IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN" Our service provider is now serious than before on data privacy.

2. Our service provider is taking data privacy serious nowadays and we still do. We do weekly system check ups with the service provider of the short code to monitor any unauthorized system entry on their side and activities done on our short code to detect any data retrieval through:: TAKING PHOTOS/PICTURES, MAKING DOWNLOADS OR ANY OTHER SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES.

3. Also nowadays data privacy has been mapped in our constitution and that's why we have laid strict measures/traps to catch those who want to bleach/infringe your privacy. So feel protected and appreciated.


5. CHEERPLEX name is the ONLY NAME that we use to SEND OUR MESSAGES, if you get betting tips messages through OTHER NAMES just know it's not from us CHEERPLEX. Thank you.

6. Your privacy is our priority.


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